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free masterclass with deepak + darrah

in this 40 minute session we discuss how to have a more meaningful life as well as offer a guided meditation!

BONUS: it comes with a workbook to support your learning!


the sh*t no one tells you about starting a business

entrepreneurs rarely share their behind-the-scenes challenges.

in this guide, i open up about the 20 things i wish i’d known before i started my first business in hopes that it will save you some tears, prevent an early wrinkle, and lower your blood pressure.



55 best questions to break the ice and really get to know someone

if the first question you ask or hear when you meet someone is “what do you do?”, then this is for you! in this guide i explain why it’s an awful question and offer 55 better ways to break the ice and dive deeper with someone.

join the 1 million+ people who have read this to have more meaningful conversations that result in real relationships, which open the door to the success you’re seeking.

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9 questions to ask your network to help you find your path

trying to figure out your purpose, passion, or next steps? then this guide is for you! it offers a simple framework to lean on your network to highlight parts of yourself that you can't see or are underestimating.

when i first did it, it was a game-changer that has stuck with me ever since, so i'm sharing it with you in hopes that it does the same!


six steps for more effective goal planning

without a destination in mind, we can’t map out how to get where we’re going and end up meandering aimlessly. for this reason, i’m an advocate of goal planning and visioning. when i was younger, i realized i had a variety of dreams, but felt like i was struggling to achieve them. this workbook will help you define your goals, dreams, and visions so you can turn them into reality.