design your life, build a business to fund it, and a network to support it.

life by design summit: lifetime access pass

if you know something in your life has to change but don't know how, want to get unstuck, or want to begin to design life on your terms, this was created for you!

i gathered 45 of the most renowned experts in the world (like deepak chopra, adam grant, and jen sincero) to teach you how to design your life, build a career to fund it and integrate with what you designed, and grow a network to support you and your dreams. this blueprint will act as your masters degree in lifestyle design. 20+ hours of video content to have forever and watch at your own pace. it's exactly what i wish i had 10 years ago when i was starting out.

"Can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this content. It's like binging on a powerhouse of well-executed, but more interactive, and therefore relatable TED talks." -Natasha A


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the networking events blueprint: Increase Your Income, Impact, And Influence By Hosting Your Own Networking Events

if i offered you an opportunity to grow your influence, make more money, help others, and have some fun, all in your spare time, would you be interested?

if so, and if you like to bring people together, then this course is for you.

if you enroll and follow the steps as they’re laid out, along with using all of the resources, scripts, and templates, you’ll be on your way to starting your own successful networking events series.

“Loved this course! Darrah had so much depth of experience to share as well as sharing her own blueprints for success. You will not find a more authentic or knowledgeable mentor on building a networking organization—the course is worth every penny!” - dave c


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run your business so your business doesn’t run you

did you start your business with the hopes of freedom and flexibility...only to discover that your business is running your life?

after scaling my own businesses into 38 states and serving over 30,000 people, i've discovered the formula for how to design your business so it elevates the life you want and kicks off the exact amount of income you need to do it.

i work on a select one-on-one basis with clients who are seeking help to grow and scale their businesses, without sacrificing their lifestyle.



The Realign Retreat, September 14, 10a.m.


In need of some time and space to pause, reflect, and recenter so you can show up more fully in your work and life? If so, then we invite you to join us for this one day retreat at beautiful Serenbe, just 30 miles south of downtown Atlanta.

Hosted by Darrah brustein, tallia deljou, lena franklin, this intimate experience will equip you with the tools you need to become more present, reconnect to yourself, and recenter with your truest desires so you can move through your days from a rejuvenated, centered, and joyful place.